Flash Your Fit!

We are not just launching our summer collection, we are inspiring a movement of self-expression, creativity, and individuality.  Join us by sharing your unique identity through fashion on HUGE screens in the real world!   

How it works

  1. Find the nearest BIG screen to Flash Your Fit
  2. Select the date & time you want your Flash Your Fit video to play
  3. Submit your order!
  4. Record and upload your video (instructions coming your way)
  5. Visit your Flash Your Fit Shoutable play IRL and capture the moment!
  6. Share your video on TikTok. Tag @genwear and #FlashYourFit

What’s Next?

Once you place your Shoutable order, we will email you specific instructions for what your Flash Your Fit video should include.

After you’ve created your billboard be sure take pictures of it and share it on social media too!