Unleash your UGC strategy to the real world with Shoutable

Shoutable is the first & only direct-to-consumer digital billboard platform, making posting content on billboards as easy as posting on social media!

Take your audience-engagement to the next level

Shoutable inspires the creation of relevant, brand safe UGC onto digital-out-of-home screens.

How it works


1. Promote

Brand promotes its Sponsored Shoutable campaign


2. Create

Users visit your brand's Shoutable landing page, create unique content that promotes the brand's mission, and see it on DOOH screens


3. Share

Users share their experience on social media, creating maximum engagement and shareability for your brand

Smarter ad campaigns in the physical world

Tell your brand story through UGC

Users create unique, valuable, and exciting brand-specific content that aligns with your mission

Huge scale of screens

Shoutable supersizes user-generated content onto thousands of massive screens in the real world

Easy process to participate

Users visit a branded landing page, find the perfect screen location, and finalize their order within minutes

Brand safe and relevant content

UGC submissions must comply with the brand’s and Shoutable’s content policies

Branded templates

Customized and unique templates are designed to align with your brand values and promote your mission

Maximize engagement/shareability on social media

Create virality in the physical world and on social media that resonates with your brand’s mission

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