Billboard Insider: Consumer Misperceptions of Giftable Billboards

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By: Julia Cramer, Adomni Content Specialist

Julia Cramer

Synopsis: Digital technology has fueled a new market in the out-of-home space, with Shoutable and Lamar leading the way! 

Billboards are one of the most influential and oldest forms of advertising on the market. There’s no doubt that almost everyone has seen one of these big format displays, with the number of billboards hovering over 350,000 in the United States alone. 

Out-of-home (OOH) advertising, particularly billboards, has a subtle approach to reaching out and touching everyone who moves in the modern world, as opposed to consumers being bombarded by online ads, which have led to the rise of blocks or skips. On-the-go audiences are more likely to interact with personalized and relevant ads that capture their interest. Plus, outdoor ads bypass blocks and distractions, reaching consumers at the most receptive time of day. And as this advertising medium becomes digital, it has and will continue to give way to many more possibilities! 

The opportunity to employ AI, AR, and computer vision to create a unique consumer experience makes the future of digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising more exciting than any other advertising channel! Digitization has transformed billboards into a data-driven, flexible, targetable, and measurable medium. And with digital comes more ad space and opportunity, paving the way for many innovative business ideas! 

Shoutable, along with media owner Lamar Advertising Company are changing the DOOH market by offering the everyday consumer the power to put their own creative and memorable messaging on digital billboards for an affordable price. In a matter of minutes, anyone can choose from over 2,500 customizable billboards, display heartfelt messages for birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions, and post photos of their digital billboards on social media platforms, creating a loop of interactivity online and offline. This self-service platform still has considerable customer uncertainty, much like all startups. We are here to clear up a few common consumer misperceptions: 

Billboards are Expensive  

Shoutable is making commercial billboards accessible to the masses. Because of the economies of scale and programmatic technology, these billboards offer anyone with fifteen minutes, or more, of affordable fame. Digital is the main reason why billboards and other OOH ads are becoming more affordable. DOOH advertisements can rotate through multiple displays without being time-consuming and labor-intensive, thus lowering the price! 

Billboards are not gifts

Go big or go home. And what better way to express your appreciation for someone than on a 480-foot display? Most people already spend a pretty penny on gifts and cards, but not many can say they have received a digital billboard. Shoutable’s custom templates give customers a jumping-off point to designing a personalized message for their loved ones. After finding the ideal time and location, they can share the gift by going to the billboard site together. 

Billboards don’t boost online engagement 

Alongside seamlessly increasing awareness in high-traffic areas, billboards also amplify and drive engagement via online and social media channels. Shoutable aims to strengthen real-world digital billboard messaging by sharing the content across social media. Thousands of Shoutable customers have already brought their special moments to social media, broadcasting on the large and sharing on the small screen.

Digital billboards, and other DOOH advertising, can exceed business-to-business promotion, driving a new market entirely! Shoutable saw an opportunity, and with the help of Lamar Advertising, they transformed the industry by offering digital billboards to anyone and immortalized the love and joy these billboards brought via social media. The influx of digitization will only continue to fuel this market’s growth, and we look forward to the exciting future ahead! 

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