Forbes: Shoutable Is Taking The Shout-Out Into The Real World

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When you think of billboards, you don’t usually think of influencers or tech. But the advertising tech company, Shoutable, is reinventing how digital billboard space is bought and sold.

Shoutable launched on Mother’s Day and they allow people to purchase digital messages that appear on billboards across the U.S. These messages, called Shouts, take a quick post that would have gotten an average amount of eyes online and makes into a full-blown spectacle.

It gives smaller creators, and advertisers, a platform to make a statement in real life.

It also helps the billboard owners, and operators, earn more revenue. “They can earn two to three times more revenue for the same digital plays because the buyers are purchasing smaller amounts of time and are focused on the impact of their Shout, not on advertising metrics, like share of voice percentage or CPM,” explained Shoutable’s CEO, Jonathan Gudai.

For the launch, Shoutable partnered with the Lamar Advertising Company, starting with 1,600 digital billboards across 42 states in the U.S. Through a simple, credit card enabled e-commerce buying process, billboard space was sold in $40 packages comprising 10 billboard plays (Shouts) within a 10-minute window.

The TikTokers, and the larger influencer community, are already giving it their seal of approval.

TikTok superstars, Charli and Dixie D’Amelio, partnered with Shoutable for its Mother’s Day launch. The duo surprised their Mom with a collection of Mother’s Day Shouts.

Charli D’Amelio said “Shoutable has opened up the world of digital billboards so anyone can post content in the real world. We’re excited to be part of the Shoutable launch just in time for Mother’s Day!”

The D'Amelios in front of their Shoutable billboard
Charli and Dixie D’Amelio, with their Mom, Heidi, standing in front of their Shoutable billboard.

The Mother’s Day launch featured 30 different message templates, in both English and Spanish, which could be personalized with names and photos.

Ian Dallimore, Vice President of Digital Growth at Lamar Advertising said, “Adomni (the parent company of Shoutable and their B2B brand) and Shoutable are changing media as we know it. Shoutable has blurred the line between advertising and social media, allowing users to share their messages both on large digital screens in the physical world, as well as on their small screens on their favorite social media platforms. We’re glad to be at the forefront of this new technology, with our partner Shoutable.”

“This Mother’s Day, we witnessed the power of billboards to bring immense creativity, joy and pride to so many people. Seeing your own content, on a digital billboard, is exhilarating and you quickly feel the urge to share that feeling with as many people as you can. Shoutable’s mission is to make that possible in social media, in a frictionless way,” said Jonathan Gudai, CEO of Shoutable.

It seems like every creator or celebrity want to do the largest events possible; whether it’s a launch of their new product line or a gender reveal. So, it only makes sense to bring those events to real life; instead of just living on social.

They are giving both large and small creators the space to be seen and heard, while also giving advertisers a completely new revenue stream.

Maybe I’ll get some Shouts to see if I can get some new followers. I can definitely use some. And I’ll bet you’d like some more too.

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