Shoppers and Brands are getting a Mom-ment with Shoutable Billboards

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With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, many consumers are actively seeking ways to show the special women in their lives just how much they mean to them. According to the latest consumer survey released by the NRF and Prosper Insights & Analytics, a staggering 84% of respondents expressed a preference for experiences over traditional, tangible gifts. This stat highlights a growing trend in consumer behavior that emphasizes the value of creating meaningful, lasting memories with loved ones on this special day.

Surprise mom with a personalized billboard

One way loved ones are celebrating Mother’s Day is by gifting her a larger-than-life billboard with And if last year is anything to go by, you won’t be alone in this creative endeavor – thousands of people across the United States jumped at the chance to personalize a billboard and share their appreciation for their amazing moms.

How it works: Book a billboard for your mom in just a few easy steps: share a photo, add a heartfelt message, and choose a location and time. It’s quick, stress-free, and sure to leave a lasting impact!

The Details: For only $45, you can select from thousands of digital billboards in hundreds of U.S. cities, creating a truly remarkable and unforgettable gifting experience. And if you really want to show off, share your billboard on social media for all your friends and family to see. Who knows, your gesture might even go viral!

Companies Build Lasting Bonds with Shoppers

Shoutable is more than an accessible billboard platform for consumers, but a way for brands to strengthen their connection with their loyal customers on Mother’s Day. By leveraging the power of Shoutable and branded user-generated content, companies can connect with shoppers on a deeper level, spark creativity, and increase brand awareness!

Let Your Scent Shine:

Fragrance companies can take advantage of Shoutable’s marketing efforts to enhance their products during Mother’s Day. Imagine a boutique fragrance company in a popular shopping district incentivizing gifting shoppers a shout to show off their unique scents purchase on an unmissable digital billboard outside the store. This creative use of Shoutable can draw attention to the brand and encourage customers to engage with its products in a fun and unforgettable way. Whether you’re a small boutique or a large fragrance brand, Shoutable offers a valuable platform for connecting with your audience and standing out in a crowded market throughout Mother’s Day!

Stop and Smell the Follower Growth:

Brands can also extend their reach beyond the physical realm with digital billboards. For example, a flower company can create a viral Mother’s Day campaign by encouraging customers to tag and share their branded billboard photos on their social media platforms! This user-generated content (UGC) campaign can boost sales and create a collection of aspirational and authentic customer photos that can be shared on the flower company’s website and social media accounts. By incorporating Shoutable into their marketing strategy, brands can connect with customers in new and exciting ways and create lasting impressions that drive business growth.

Shoutable is a unique and powerful tool for companies and brands looking to share their love and make a statement this Mother’s Day. With the ability to incorporate branded user-generated content onto digital billboards, small and large companies can celebrate this special occasion in a unique and memorable way that encourages customer engagement, loyalty, and sales growth! Contact us today to get started.

Rethinking Valentine’s Day with Shoutable Billboards

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Valentine’s Day is an occasion to celebrate all types of love, where gift-giving is an essential ritual to express one’s affection, usually in the form of chocolates, jewelry, flowers, and gift cards. According to the NRF and Prosper Insights & Analytics annual survey, consumers spent an average of $175 on gifts in 2022. Interestingly, more than 30% of participants intended to opt for experiences instead of physical gifts – likely due to the outdoor resurgence as a result of the pandemic. 

Amplify Your Love on a Billboard

One way people can celebrate Valentine’s Day this year is with the unique gifting experience of digital billboards. Shoutable has made it possible to purchase some of the biggest customizable canvases in the world to declare one’s love! In just a few clicks, one can publicly proclaim their adoration with a short and sweet message and photo, choose a location and time, and voilà, they are all set! The journey to purchasing a billboard is a quick, easy, and stress-free user experience, and you do not have to spend big to make a lasting impression! For just $45, you can choose from thousands of digital billboards across hundreds of U.S. cities to share a remarkable and impressive gifting experience with that special someone. Users can take it a step further by sharing their Valentine’s Day content to social media platforms for their online community to see. 

Companies Create a Lasting Connection with Shoppers 

Shoutable isn’t just making billboards accessible to everyday consumers, it is also enhancing the brand <> consumer relationship. Brands can fuel customer loyalty, drive brand awareness, and boost sales with the power of Shoutable and incorporating branded user-generated content onto digital billboards! 

For example, a jewelry store in a shopping mall can purchase a package of branded shouts and influence customers to share their purchases on a specific billboard screen directly outside store on a digital screen positioned inside the mall. In return, consumers can have a unique and memorable brand experience while being the star of the company’s campaign while the jewelry company can drive potential customers into their store and increase business outcomes before, during, and after Valentine’s Day.

Brands can also utilize Shoutable’s packaged shouts to boost authenticity and spread virality online. Blending huge billboards, user-generated content, and the ability to share on social media can generate a ton of interaction online and offline, while creating a multifaceted marketing strategy for Valentine’s Day.  

A chocolate company can create a viral Valentine’s Day campaign by encouraging customers to tag and share their branded billboard photos on their social media platforms! This UGC campaign can improve sales and create a series of aspirational and authentic customer photos that can be used on the chocolate brands gallery site.

Whether you are a consumer looking for a unique gift or a brand looking to give more love to their loyal customers on Valentine’s Day, Shoutable is here to create a tighter-knit consumer-to-consumer or consumer-to-brand relationship offline and online! Everyday people can announce their love on one of the biggest screens in the world and companies can generate brand awareness, drive social buzz, and increase sales while making their customers the star of the show! If you’re ready to make it official this Valentine’s Day with Shoutable, our team is prepared to help you. Contact us today.

Adomni’s Spin-out Diy Ad Platform Shoutable Lets People Book Dooh Billboards for $40 a Spot

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Las Vegas DOOH adtech company Adomni is using the giant CES, which attracts hordes of tech trade press around this time each year, to raise awareness and buzz for an interesting spin-out product the company launched last spring.

Called Shoutable, the platform enables people like social media influencers to easily post messages on digital billboards across the United States, for $40 a spot.

The proposition is that people can log in to the platform, find a billboard location (or locations), develop a DIY message from online templates, book a time window and pay for the ad spot with a credit card. The messages are called “Shouts” and the eight-second static spots will run 10 times in that 15-minute time window.

This is mainly tuned, it seems, for individuals as opposed to businesses – though it is fair to say there are many people who have made themselves into businesses. While I am on social media, I am old and have, very blissfully,  absolutely no idea who Adomni is touting as high profile “Shout” users. In a gushing, almost cringey press release, the company notes:

This new billboard company is turning A-lister heads and has quickly become a celebrity favorite way to celebrate their loved ones! TikTok superstars, Charli and Dixie D’Amelio surprised their mom with a collection of Mother’s Day Shouts on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles and even took her to visit the Sunset Boulevard supersize billboard. The girls took to their Instagram accounts to show their fans how easy it was to do.

Family man/TV personality Mario Lopez used Shoutable on Father’s Day to surprise his dad in San Diego with a billboard saying, “World’s Best Dad Mario”.

Music artists Robin Thicke recently used Shoutable to engage his fans for the launch of his newest single with Yo Gotti.

Mom of 3,  Ashlee Simpson-Ross surprised her hubby, actor Evan Rosswith a Shout on Ventura Boulevard in Los Angeles from her and the kids.

Shoutable gives both large and small creators the space to be seen and heard, blurring the line between advertising and social media.

Well that’s nice.

Setting the influencer angle aside, I could see how this could also be attractive to regular folks who are not productizing their personalities. Long before there were digital billboards, there were stories here and there about individuals buying a billboard to do things like make very public marriage proposals. The challenge with that is the cost, time and complexity of booking a billboard. With this, it can be quick and cheap – and if you know your Mom drives by a certain billboard every morning on the way to work, you could buy a time window and “shout” Happy Birthday!

Or ask her “What’s For Dinner???”

The challenge with this approach is getting awareness up so that people other than hyper-savvy media influencers know about it. Adomni has an arrangement with Lamar that makes this available on 1,600 billboards and other displays – like street furniture and taxi tops, across 42 states.

The DIY ad thing is not new, but web technologies have undoubtedly made it easier to make happen. The Canadian out of home media company Pattison launched something called The Ad Shop more than 10 years ago, and I’ve no doubt there have been others.

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Extend User-Generated Content to the Physical World with Shoutable

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Remember when companies talked, and consumers listened? Well, that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. The emergence of the Internet promised brands a golden era of marketing, where a brigade of companies could easily dominate the digital universe. But, to brands’ disbelief, consumers hold all the cards today. So, what happened?

Social media created a global means of communication; once-remote communities can now forge strong relationships and advertisers can now converse with their audiences directly. On the flip side, this has made it more accessible for consumers to voice their concerns and, in turn, influence product development. When problems aren’t solved at a moment’s notice, consumers have multiple avenues to find similar products and services for the same or lower price. The traditional path to purchase has been disrupted by the hodgepodge of social networks and digital devices, emboldening consumers’ like never before. 

Brands are losing their foothold, traditional marketing is out the window, and consumers are taking over. People are more interested in what products their friends, family, and content creators are using than brand loyalty. Over three-quarters of consumers trust opinions from friends, families, and influencers, to help them make the right decision about buying a product or service. That’s why brands have turned to user-generated content (UGC), enlisting real people to showcase their products and services in an entertaining, authentic, and humanistic way. And luckily for companies, this has proven to work, with 79% of consumers finding UGC impacts their purchasing decisions, whereas only 13% believe branded content has the same effect. 

With today’s digital-savvy shoppers, its imperative brands incorporate UGC online. But we know consumers aren’t permanently glued to their devices. Driven by COVID-19 lockdowns and quarantine fatigue, more people are spending time outside their home and less time looking at their screens. The return to outdoors sparked a resurgence in out-of-home (OOH) ads. Anna Bager, President and CEO of OAAA stated, “This research has confirmed that OOH has the power to influence consumers as never before.” 

So, what seems to be missing is user-generated content in the physical world. There needed to be a way for people to showcase brands’ content out of the home. Yes, big brands can pay celebrities and top influencers to appear in OOH ads, but what about the familiar, everyday user? This is where Shoutable comes in. UGC has emerged on digital billboards, making it possible for customers to share brands’ content on the largest screens across the country and post on social media. Shoutable first launched on Mother’s Day, encouraging shoppers to skip the greeting card and go big with a billboard. And the results of the campaign proved that people wanted to engage with OOH screens

After the experiment’s success, Shoutable took it a step further, making it possible for brands to add their content plus branded user-generated content to digital billboards. For example, Wag teamed up with Shoutable just in time for National Dog Day, offering pet parents an opportunity to share their doggos with the world! Customers were notified of the Wag and Shoutable collaboration days before and were able to create their very own customizable Wag-branded billboard. Once completed, pet parents could choose a suitable location to view the billboard and schedule a date and time to see it in person. Customers took to social media to amplify their billboards, boosting brand awareness for Wag! 

The world is changing fast, and so is the consumer-brand relationship. Consumers have a strong urge to control every part of their shopping journey. This has challenged businesses to adopt new forms of marketing, such as user-generated content across their social media platforms. Still, it fails to utilize this method in the physical world. With Shoutable, companies finally have an opportunity to make their loyal customers the star of the brand, increasing brand awareness and fostering brand loyalty. 

The Future of DOOH in the Creator-Powered Advertising Future

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DOOH in the Creator-Powered Advertising Future 

The evolution of advertising has increasingly adapted over the years, becoming more hyper-targeted and personalized. Thanks to the rise of the Internet, the fundamental nature of global communication and how we do business – not to mention the scale of creativity and content – has dramatically transformed. This digital technology revolution liberated a customized marketplace known as the creator economy. Now, creators, curators, and bloggers are becoming micro-celebrities – or even A-list celebrities – making a living off their ‘specialties’ cultivated from a niche audience. 

The creator economy is flourishing. Influencers are proving to be more trustworthy in the eyes of consumers, far beyond brands and agencies. According to a study done by Oracle, 13% of respondents said they had discovered new products or brands via traditional TV advertising. In comparison, 80% reported purchasing products in direct response to social media content. More than ever, marketers are looking to invest in this more than $100 billion industry, with around 50 million people worldwide considering themselves creators. This amplifying economy is expected to gain more momentum as the tools to create content and social apps grow while third-party cookies deteriorate. 

The catch for these creators is that they don’t exist without online platforms. Yet, these platforms have generated billions of dollars from the billions of hours of content their creators make, where only a small portion goes back to the creator. This is where Web3 comes in.

The Web3 upgrade focuses on data privacy and giving 100% ownership back to digital creators by cutting out third-party platforms or “middlemen.” Web3 evangelists see this as an opportunity for genuine creativity. A decentralized web is becoming less of a pipe dream and more of a reality with the help of cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and the Metaverse. But like any revolutionary concept, there are still critics like Moxie Marlinspike, creator of Signal and cofounder of Signal Technology Foundation, that are apprehensive of a decentralized Internet. Whatever side you are on, Web3 will be slow-moving to widely adopt, with considerable hurdles to blockchain tech, i.e., costly, scalability, accessibility, and user experience. 

Think Outside The Online Box 

Although Web3 has a lot of promise for both online creators and advertisers, another major change in the creator industry has taken a foothold this year. Digital entrepreneurs and creators now have a chance to expand beyond the Internet and make their mark on the physical world as well. Digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising is becoming an easy and affordable way for creators to expand their reach on larger-than-life screens. One of the leading innovators in this space is Jonathan Gudai, CEO of Shoutable and Adomni,”the creator economy is now extending beyond social media to encompass the physical world.” It can be difficult for creators to maintain community and improve discoverability through huge aggregator platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and TikTok. They must constantly find new ways of staying relevant as consumer habits change. Gudai further stated, “Through new platforms like, creators can easily place their custom content on large screens such as digital billboards and then share real-world photos and videos to all of their social media platforms. The result is higher social media engagement – likes, shares, and comments and a fun experience along the way.” Breaking the traditional social norms and finding ways to set your brand apart from others could create a more straightforward route to becoming a successful full-time content creator. 

As we look to the future, content creators are equipped with better tools and different platforms to take their brand to the next level. The world is constantly evolving, and it is best to be ready. Brands, agencies, and content creators must stay ahead of the curve and transform their perspectives to prepare for consumers’ shifting behaviors – anytime, anywhere. If you’re ready to leap into the creator-powered advertising future with Shoutable, our team is prepared to help you. Contact us today. 

Bear World Mag: Celebrate National Coming Out Day by posting a billboard with Shoutable!

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Shout it out loud and proud with Shoutable, the new wave of billboard technology. Shoutable is supporting the LGBTQ+ community this year by offering access to over 1600 digital billboards in 42 U.S. cities to share your story loud and proud, the way all should be.

Every year on October 11thNational Coming Out Day, we celebrate coming out as LGBTQ+. The purpose of National Coming Out Day is not only to celebrate those who’ve already come out, but to support those who choose to keep their identity a secret, or perhaps encourage someone to come out who’s been thinking about it. is a new platform offering the everyday consumer the ability to purchase digital billboards from the palm of your hand for only $40, just as easy as an Instagram post. 

From Time Square to the Vegas Strip, to bus stops and taxi tops, Shoutable gives both large and small creators the space to be seen and heard, blurring the line between advertising and social media. Whether you’re lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer, be proud of who you are and your support for LGBTQ+ equality this Coming Out Day!

Shoutable was first introduced by TikTok superstars, Charli and Dixie D’Amelio on Mother’s Day when the sisters surprised their mom Heidi with a collection of Shouts in Los Angeles, California. The girls took to their Instagram accounts to show their fans how easy it was to do, hours before taking their mom to see the supersized billboard the same day. 

Since then, people from all over have shared their heartwarming Shout stories from Mother’s Day surprises to Father’s Day joy, including Ashlee Simpson-Ross who surprised her hubby, actor Evan Ross, with a Shout on Ventura Boulevard in Los Angeles from her and the kids (Ziggy age 1, Jagger age 6, Bronx age 13).

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QueerForty: Come out in a big way with Shoutable billboard technology

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Shoutable, the new wave of billboard technology, is supporting the LGBTQ+ community this year by offering access to over 1600 digital billboards in 42 U.S. cities to share your story loud and proud, the way all should be. is a new platform offering the everyday consumer the ability to purchase digital billboards for only $40, just as easy as an Instagram post. From Times Square to the Vegas Strip, to bus stops and taxi tops, Shoutable gives both large and small creators the space to be seen and heard. Be proud of who you are and your support for LGBTQ+ equality this Coming Out Day!

Shoutable was first introduced by TikTok superstars, Charli and Dixie D’Amelio on Mother’s Day when the sisters surprised their mom Heidi with a collection of Shouts in Los Angeles, California. The girls took to their Instagram accounts to show their fans how easy it was to do, hours before taking their mom to see the supersized billboard the same day. Since then, people from all over have shared their heartwarming Shout stories from Mother’s Day surprises to Father’s Day joy, including Ashlee Simpson-Ross who surprised her hubby, actor Evan Ross, with a Shout on Ventura Boulevard in Los Angeles from her and the kids (Ziggy age 1, Jagger age 6, Bronx age 13).

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Billboard Insider: Consumer Misperceptions of Giftable Billboards

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By: Julia Cramer, Adomni Content Specialist

Julia Cramer

Synopsis: Digital technology has fueled a new market in the out-of-home space, with Shoutable and Lamar leading the way! 

Billboards are one of the most influential and oldest forms of advertising on the market. There’s no doubt that almost everyone has seen one of these big format displays, with the number of billboards hovering over 350,000 in the United States alone. 

Out-of-home (OOH) advertising, particularly billboards, has a subtle approach to reaching out and touching everyone who moves in the modern world, as opposed to consumers being bombarded by online ads, which have led to the rise of blocks or skips. On-the-go audiences are more likely to interact with personalized and relevant ads that capture their interest. Plus, outdoor ads bypass blocks and distractions, reaching consumers at the most receptive time of day. And as this advertising medium becomes digital, it has and will continue to give way to many more possibilities! 

The opportunity to employ AI, AR, and computer vision to create a unique consumer experience makes the future of digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising more exciting than any other advertising channel! Digitization has transformed billboards into a data-driven, flexible, targetable, and measurable medium. And with digital comes more ad space and opportunity, paving the way for many innovative business ideas! 

Shoutable, along with media owner Lamar Advertising Company are changing the DOOH market by offering the everyday consumer the power to put their own creative and memorable messaging on digital billboards for an affordable price. In a matter of minutes, anyone can choose from over 2,500 customizable billboards, display heartfelt messages for birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions, and post photos of their digital billboards on social media platforms, creating a loop of interactivity online and offline. This self-service platform still has considerable customer uncertainty, much like all startups. We are here to clear up a few common consumer misperceptions: 

Billboards are Expensive  

Shoutable is making commercial billboards accessible to the masses. Because of the economies of scale and programmatic technology, these billboards offer anyone with fifteen minutes, or more, of affordable fame. Digital is the main reason why billboards and other OOH ads are becoming more affordable. DOOH advertisements can rotate through multiple displays without being time-consuming and labor-intensive, thus lowering the price! 

Billboards are not gifts

Go big or go home. And what better way to express your appreciation for someone than on a 480-foot display? Most people already spend a pretty penny on gifts and cards, but not many can say they have received a digital billboard. Shoutable’s custom templates give customers a jumping-off point to designing a personalized message for their loved ones. After finding the ideal time and location, they can share the gift by going to the billboard site together. 

Billboards don’t boost online engagement 

Alongside seamlessly increasing awareness in high-traffic areas, billboards also amplify and drive engagement via online and social media channels. Shoutable aims to strengthen real-world digital billboard messaging by sharing the content across social media. Thousands of Shoutable customers have already brought their special moments to social media, broadcasting on the large and sharing on the small screen.

Digital billboards, and other DOOH advertising, can exceed business-to-business promotion, driving a new market entirely! Shoutable saw an opportunity, and with the help of Lamar Advertising, they transformed the industry by offering digital billboards to anyone and immortalized the love and joy these billboards brought via social media. The influx of digitization will only continue to fuel this market’s growth, and we look forward to the exciting future ahead! 

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PR Newswire: & Wag! Launch a Campaign to Celebrate the Human Canine Bond on National Dog Day

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Dog owners nationwide will have the ability to post their furry friends on digital billboards in support of the Humane Society of the United States

LAS VEGAS, Aug. 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Shoutable, the world’s largest self-service platform for everyday consumers to post content to digital billboards, is working with The Humane Society of the United States and Wag!, on Friday, August 26th for National Dog Day. Their goal is to celebrate the human-animal bond and join the fight to end all animal suffering for National Dog Day. National Dog Day brings awareness to the number of dogs that need to be rescued every year and honors family dogs and dogs that work selflessly to save lives, keep humans safe and bring comfort. National Dog Day Campaign

For the first time ever, Shoutable invites dog owners around the U.S. to pay tribute to their beloved canine by providing space on a digital billboard for just forty-five dollars. Bookings can be made at The easy-to-use e-commerce platform has dozens of Dog Day templates in English and Spanish that can be personalized with a photo of the dog as well as custom text. Consumers can choose a specific billboard location and timeslot to view their furry friend on a 48-foot-wide billboard. Shoutable also provides mockup images of the actual digital billboard with their personal dog content that can be easily posted to social media.

“Shoutable is proud to work with Wag! to bring a great deal of attention to the adoption services provided by local animal shelters and the rescue and advocacy work of the Humane Society of the United States. The power of billboards brings immense creativity, joy, and pride to so many people. Seeing your furry friends on a digital billboard is heartwarming and we invite dog owners across the U.S. to share and spread that feeling across their social media channels,” says founder and CEO of Shoutable, Jonathan Gudai.

“The Humane Society of the United States welcomes Shoutable’s support of the fight against animal cruelty. We appreciate the opportunity to drive more awareness of our critical work,” said Jamie Natelson, Senior Vice President, Marketing. “Shoutable’s contribution of billboard messaging space will help us promote key campaigns to inform animal lovers about how they can help and get more people involved in bringing an end to animal cruelty.”

The Humane Society of the United States is the nation’s most effective animal protection organization. Since 1954, the organization has been fighting for the protection of all animals through legislation, litigation, investigations, education, science, advocacy, and field work, aiming to prevent cruelty before it occurs. The HSUS also rescues and cares for thousands of animals each year.

Wag! strives to be the #1 app for pet parents, offering access to 5-star dog walking, pet sitting, expert pet advice and training from local pet caregivers nationwide. Wag!’s community of over 400,000 pet caregivers are pet people, and it shows. Making pet parents happy is what Wag! does best. With safety and happiness at the forefront, pet caregivers with Wag! have a trusted record of experience with over 12.1 million pet care services completed by pet caregivers on the Wag! platform and over $325 million total bookings across all 50 states, resulting in more than 96% of services earning 5 stars. For more information, visit

“Wag! is thrilled for this paw-tnership with Shoutable to help them support the goals of the HSUS,” said Garrett Smallwood, CEO of Wag!. “What a unique opportunity for thousands of commuters across the United States to see and celebrate the joys of animal companionship.”

Shoutable is changing the market by offering the everyday consumer the ability to purchase digital billboards, called Shouts. Just as easy as an Instagram post, Shouts start at the affordable rate of $45. From Time Square to the Vegas Strip, to bus stops and taxi tops, Shoutable gives both large and small creators the space to be seen and heard, blurring the line between advertising and social media.

About Shoutable

Shoutable is the first & only direct-to-consumer platform for placing content on digital billboards. They make posting content on thousands of digital screens across the U.S. as easy as posting to social media. 

In just minutes, anyone can choose a holiday or memorable moment category, select a template, and customize it with their photo and text. Then after the content plays, they can post photos of their personal billboard to social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Meta, and YouTube. Shoutable has democratized digital billboards to make them accessible and affordable.

Shoutable also works with brands to deliver custom branded templates for consumers to customize, delivering unique and memorable out of home campaigns.

Shoutable’s mission is to create social good by donating a portion of its proceeds from every single order to charities such as National Breast Cancer Foundation and the HSUS.

Check out our favorite Shoutable testimonials hereShoutable Success Stories

About the HSUS

We fight the big fights to end suffering for all animals. Together with millions of supporters, the Humane Society of the United States takes on puppy mills, factory farms, the fur trade, trophy hunting, animal cosmetics testing and other cruel industries. Through our rescue, response, and sanctuary work, as well as other direct services, we help thousands of animals in need every year. We fight all forms of animal cruelty to achieve the vision behind our name: a humane society.

Contact: Jessica Meisels
Fingerprint Communications
Office: 310-276-7500

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